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Heading West

Heading home. 3130 miles to go. Hope there are no early winter storms.

Bye bye Mass, hello New York

The Corning Glass Museum

Examples of various Fresnel lenses

Galileo and Kepler in front of the "magnificent failure". In 1934 25 glassmakers ladled 20 tons of molten pyrex glass into a 200 inch mold. Even after the mold broke, the work continued. Although the disk for the Palomar Observatory mirror blank was ruined, the initial failure provided an opportunity for learning valuable lessons. The second casting was a success.

The finished piece now needs to be annealed by heating it to 900 degrees and then slowly cooling it overnight. This relieves stress in the glass.

Beautiful things

Artist Vera Sattler

Artist Ed Kachuri

Artist Richard Satava

Artist John Wood

Artist Gabriele Kustner

Artist Tim Lazer

Artist Tim Lazer

Glass is so beautiful.

Its that time again. Wishing all my friends at Fisher a great school year.

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