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Westward Ho

Hwy 80 across Nebraska. My heading 270 degrees true

:)  Something familiar, print trees.

Definitely in the west now.  1245 miles to San Jose


The Cheyenne Train Depot completed in 1887 was self proclaimed to be the most beautiful train depot in America. It is now the visitor's center.

End of the trail. I have had a wonderful time traveling with Adelle and Paul for the past 10 months.  Adelle will head home to Idaho and Paul to Reno. 

The cowboy boots are Cheyenne's civic art project. They are all over town. 

We are taking a free carriage ride around historic Cheyenne. 

Our driver is a life long resident of Cheyenne.

The First Methodist Church was dedicated in 1871

This mansion was built in 1888 by Erasmus Nagle for $50,000. Carpenters working on the house earned $0.25 per day. It is now a lovely bed and breakfast.

Camped at the VFW in Cheyenne. (41.13141, -104.78343)  Looks like rain.

Yep, rain. It really cooled things down.

and a rainbow

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