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Rolling Along

Using my 2 by 2 axiom has made for stress-free travel. It is less than 200 miles a day and off the road by 2.

2180 miles to home.

These wind generators are the tallest hill or structure I have seen in 100s of miles

Its hard to blend in here.

We stayed two nights at Andalusia Slough campground. It is a nice little COE campground for $2 a night with the senior pass.  (41.43818, -90.76765)

On our down day we went see one of the locks on the Mississippi. We were lucky enough to arrive when barges were passing through. We are at dam and lock 15. There are 29 dam & locks in the 669 miles between St. Louis and St. Paul. By the time the barges have reached St. Paul, they have been raised 420 feet. It is known as the stairway of water. The towboats pay a tax of $0.20 a gallon on fuel to support the locks. Pleasure boats pass through for free.

This towboat was pushing 12 barges down river. Only 6 barges will fit in the lock at one time. The first 6 barges had already been passed through the lock and these are the final six. This is called double locking. This takes from 1.5 to 2 hours.

I draw your attention to the low train bridge ahead. 

After the long long train has passed, the bridge swivels allowing the towboat boat through. 

Even thought the bridge rotates to allow passage through the lock, the mast structure holding up the wires does not. Interesting piece of engineering. 

Now I feel like I am making progress. 

The mighty Mississippi. Am I now officially in the West?

1997 miles to San Jose.

Had a great lunch at the Machine Shed.  (41.59482, -90.61466)

I had a great French Onion Soup and the Beef Brisket Sandwich with sweet potato fires for $10. Very good.

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