Parque Natural Mexiquillo



Entering Canada - 5 minute.

Leaving Canada - endless
One hour later

Only to be denied entry. I am in the company Linda, AKA the notorious exotic bird smuggler.

Iolani didn't have her proper papers. Pat, the border veterinarian, went above and beyond expediting paper work so Iolani could enter the US. 
He told us about another fellow that had two exotic birds without papers. He was turned back into Canada. 10 minutes later he is back without the birds. Customs asked where the birds.  He said he did not have them and they did not believe him and searched his car top to bottom. Not finding the birds they asked again where they were.  He told them that he had given them to the nice customs lady on the Canadian side. They were shocked and asked how he could giveaway his birds. He told them they did not understand. The birds were his wife's' and he had been trying to get rid of them for years.
Three days later we all crossed the border. Good to be home.

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