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I made it to Laramie today.

It is so exciting to see real mountains on the horizon.

Camped at  beautiful La Bonte park. (41.32197, -105.58812)

Wyoming Territorial Prison

Three years after Wyoming became a territory in 1869, the territorial prison began incarcerating the men and women of the Wyoming Territory. Butch Cassidy was a guest. It was closed in 1903 when a new prison opened in Rawlins. During these years, 1,063 malicious and desperate convicts walked through the iron doors and occupied the cells.

The warden's 6 room house

I didn't do it! I'm innocent.

The warden's office

The cells in the south cell block are smaller, so hammocks were used to save space.

The larger cells in the north cell block had bunk beds. 

For most of the prisoners, prison ment having regular baths and clean cloths for the first time in their life.

The guards observation bay.

The guards quarters and some tools of the trade

Medical care.

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