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It has been a busy two day here.

Apple Blossom Parade

Amazing running flip

Pony Express

The first rider, Johnny Fry,  left the stables at 7:15 on April 3rd, 1860. Another rider left Sacramento the same day heading east.  The Pony Express delivered mail along the 1,982 mile route for 18 months. Mail cost a $5 gold piece per 1/2 oz to start. Later reduced to $1. Almost 35,000 letters were carried during the 18 months of operation. The trans continental telegraph doomed the Pony Express

The museum is on the original site of the Pony Express stables.

A rider's route was 80 to 100 miles. He changed horses 8 to 10 times. He road hard at 10 miles per hour. There were 190 relay stations housing 80 riders and 420 horses used during the trip. Delivery time was 10 days in summer and 12-16 days in winter. Riders ranged from 11 to 40 years of age.

At each relay station the rider lifted the mochila off one saddle and put it on another saddle The rider's weight, 110 to 125 lbs, held the mochila in place. The pockets on the corners of the mochila were called cantinas and held five pounds of mail apiece. Each mochila made the entire trip. Interesting facts.

Walter Cronkite

 Walter was a native son born in 1916. This is an impressive museum with many interactive displays chronicling his illustrious career.

Replica of Walter's CBS new desk

 "And that's the way it is,"

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