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Got Heat

I have had an on-going problem with my Kozy World Infrared heater. It would start up OK. But when it reached the temperature where the thermostat would turn it off, the pilot light would also go out. Thus the heater would not start up again when the temperature dropped. I tried cleaning the ignition mechanism to to avail. Now I am thinking I need to buy a new heater. With the Kozy heater not running all night it's cold in the morning. So I would run the  furnace because I could start it with out getting out of bed. I noticed that the burner on the furnace was cycling on and off when it should burn continuously until the rig reached the set temperature.  Now I am thinking that there may be a propane supply problem. I pulled the regulator out and it looked OK. Then I noticed that I did not have a good flow of propane out of my Extend A Stay Adapter. This adapter allows me to hook up an external propane tank.

I removed to Extend A Stay from the propane line and my Kozy World ran all night. I am warm and cozy again and didn't cost a dime. :-)

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