Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Jacks Creek Campground

 I hit another Triple D spot, Harry's Roadhouse,  on the way to the campground.
 I had the Turkey Meatloaf sandwich house baked ciabatta. It was very good

On the way back to Santa Fe this morning I stopped and had the Basque Style Shepherd's Hash - Lamb Sausage, onion, red and green peppers, potatoes with two eggs on top. Also very tastey.

Well worth the stop if you pass this way.

Jacks Creek CG (35.84234, -105.6538) is at 8,800 feet. Cool days and cold nights. It got down to freezing. But it is beautiful and there were only a couple of other campers. I love Forest Service campgrounds in the off season. $5 night w/ my senior pass.

The aspens have lost all their fall color. Winter is coming

While here  I completed a project, hide the litter box. There is a storage space under my closet where I could put a litter box.

The litter box fits and I still have half the storage left.

  Door installed that give me access for cleaning the litter box.

Last step, a hole for the cat. I was a little concerned about her going in there, but no problem.

   She adapting very well to RV life. This is her safe spot under the couch where I store bedding. She is camera shy. Every time I point a camera at her, she runs and hides.

I am back in Santa Fe and planning on catching up on movies. Also visit Backroad Pizza again. Very good stuff.


  1. Cat box looks good, but it looks like you are not sticking to your diet. Cliff

  2. so are you sticking to yur diet and walking? colleen