Parque Natural Mexiquillo


Side Bars

Each morning one balloon goes up first carrying the flag while someone sings the national anthem. Very moving.

Crewing gets me a crew pass for unlimited access to the field. If you do not crew there is an $8 admission each time you enter the field. If you go to the morning mass assention and then return for the evening glow, that is $16. Also because I crewed, I got a free ride. But if you don't want to crew and you still want to fly, you can go with a commercial outfit.

 We call these cattle cars. There are twelve people in there. They payed $350 each for a 45 minute flight.
 Have a great flight

These motorhomes are in the VIP campground right above the field. They have a terrific view of the entire field. The spaces are $225 per night. But they get electricity and water. 

More special shapes

Evening Concert

Linda Wheeler is a professional singer and Boomer. She put on a wonderful show for us after our potluck.

We even had audience participation

Life is Good

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  1. I am so glad you are having a great time - I still get to go to WORK! ;-)