Parque Natural Mexiquillo


This is going to be fun

The Boomers are parked at the north west corner of the landing field that is out lined in blue. (35.18268, -106.60459) All the remaining open space will be covered with hundreds of RVs. This is a land fill site that is used for two weeks each year during the balloon festival. 
Yesterday one of the balloons landed here.

All sides of the landing area will be lined with RVs by Saturday

Walking over to volunteer to crew. If you crew you get a pass to the launch field. Other wise It costs $8  per day admission. 

Looking down on the launch field (map)

Watching the safety video

Judy explaining the alpha numeric grid system used to find your balloon. I will be crewing for Kelly Baldwin. Saturday morning at 6:30 I will find him at S2. S2 is at the far end of the field. Crewing involves helping set up the balloon and then joining the chase crew to help recover the balloon when it lands. 

Kelly has two balloons. Enchanted Duckie and Little One.

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  1. How exciting!!!!! Will you be crewing everyday for the same guy? Do you join the chase group in their car/truck or will you be on your motorcycle? Take lots of pictures please. :>)